Quality Crafted Jewellery, Made to Perfection

There's a lot to be inspired by at Speirs Jewellers, and that passion, energy, and feeling can be infused into a bespoke piece of jewellery. Here at Speirs Jewellers, we love hearing your stories and inspirations behind your desired custom piece.

Upon your initial enquiry, we can bring your new piece to life, whether we start from scratch or build upon a pre-existing piece to create an a piece that will come a treasured item.

Our custom pieces range from Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings/Bands, Necklaces, Pendants, Bracelets, Earrings, and much more! Book an appointment with us today to see what magic we can create for you;

- The only limit is your imagination!


Book your free virtual or in house consultation to discuss your ideas, inspiration and budget.


Our team will design your dream piece based on your consult. This is where it comes to life


From sketch to real life, you’re ready to wear your dream piece


- Consultation

  • Come meet with us to discuss your vision and ideas for your custom piece.
  • We'll understand your preferences and style to create a design that's perfect for you.

- Design Concept

  • We'll sketch initial design ideas based on your preferences.
  • You'll provide feedback, and we'll adjust the design until it's just right.

- Material Selection

  • Together, we'll choose the materials for your custom piece, including metal type and gemstones.

- Production

  • Our expert craftsmen will bring your design to life using traditional or advanced techniques.

- Final Touches

  • We'll add the finishing touches, ensuring every detail is perfect.

- Presentation

  • We'll present the finished piece to you for final approval.

- Your Forever

  • Now your ready to wear that special piece for a lifetime